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Our work in the the environmental field covers protection of habitats, environmental impact assessment, developments by public authorities, access to environmental information. Environmental law generally provides a high degree of protection to people and the environment but where there is a dispute over a decision the only way to challenge it is by judicial review. There are now special costs rules that reduce the risk to individuals and groups when taking judicial reviews.
Our specialist technical knowledge means we are ideally positioned to provide practical and expert advice to clients in digital and technology-driven sectors, such as ICT, electronics, software, social media, digital content, e-commerce, medical devices and biotechnology. As well as dealing with all legal aspects of software, technology and e-commerce, we also advise on creation, licensing, management and enforcement of IP relevant to technology. Our expertise includes: software licensing agreements; SaaS agreements; cloud computing; app development; technology transfer; commercialisation and licensing; R&D agreements; outsourcing contracts; consultancy agreements; employment contracts; confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements; patents and inventions; copyright and database rights; trade secrets and confidential information; IP transactions; terms of business; e-commerce advice; regulatory issues; data privacy; cybersecurity.
Intellectual property (IP) protects your ideas, innovations, brands and creative works. Whether starting a business, developing new products or services, or expanding into new categories or geographic markets, it is vital to protect your IP rights, which can become among your most valuable business assets. We have extensive experience in this area and provide expert advice on protecting, managing and enforcing all forms of IP, including patents, trade marks, copyright and design rights. We also provide IP strategy and consultancy services in particular for technology sector clients. Other areas of expertise related to IP and brands include advertising and marketing law, consumer law, media law, food labelling, regulatory compliance, licensing, commercial transactions, litigation and dispute resolution
Clear and robust contracts are vital to the success of any business enterprise. Not only do they provide a framework for agreement and operation, they protect your interests, minimise risks, and reduce the prospect of disputes. Backed by our industry knowledge and legal specialisms, we advise on drafting and negotiation of all types of commercial contracts, in both offline and online environments, and at all stages of product or business lifecycle. Our expertise in this area includes business terms and conditions; software and SaaS contracts; IT outsourcing; technology transfer and R&D agreements; IP, media and digital content; confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements; consultancy agreements; distribution, agency and franchising agreements; e-commerce contracts; purchase and supply agreements; joint venture agreements
As technology plays an increasing role in how we live and do business, organisations are collecting and processing ever-more personal data. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data protection compliance is important for businesses. Individuals have more rights over their personal data. We advise on all aspects of data protection and privacy law. Our expertise in this complex field includes: data protection compliance; dealing with subject access requests; policies and procedures; privacy impact assessment; role of Data Protection Officer; security breaches and notifications to the Data Protection Commissioner; complaints to the Data Protection Commissioner; training on data protection, privacy and information management.

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In an ideal world disputes would be avoided, but when they arise we are there to help you defend or enforce your rights, and to resolve disputes. Our approach is always to seek practical and sensible solutions, that minimise costs and ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. Where absolutely necessary we can help you litigate through the courts, or defend legal proceedings in court. While we have expertise in dealing with a broad range of disputes and litigation matters, we have particular experience in disputes concerning technology, privacy, contracts, commercial rights, intellectual property rights and brand names. We also advise on defending enforcement actions by regulators as well as pro-active risk management strategies for clients in regulated business sectors.
The Freedom of Information Act gives individuals a right of access to records held by public bodies, such as government departments, state agencies, local authorities, regulatory bodies, public hospitals and higher education institutions. We advise on all aspects of information law and practice. We have extensive experience in this field and have acted in numerous cases before public authorities, administrative decision makers, the courts and EU institutions. Our expertise includes making FOI requests to public bodies; complaints and appeals to the Office of the Information Commissioner; appeal of decisions to court; guidance and training for public bodies on FOI compliance; requests for access to environmental information from public authorities under the Access to Information on the Environment Regulations; appeals to the Commissioner for Environmental Information including appeal of decisions to court.
Dealing with regulation or regulators is increasingly a fact of life for businesses. Non-compliance can result in reputational damage at the least, if not more serious sanctions and legal liability. Prevention is always better than the cure, and we encourage our clients to take a proactive approach to regulatory risk. We are well positioned to advise on regulatory and compliance issues. No matter how complex the situation, we can help you navigate regulatory and compliance frameworks in a range of industry sectors. In particular, we advise in relation to the following areas: consumer protection; e-commerce; data protection and privacy; freedom of information; EU and competition law; corporate governance; advertising codes; food labelling; food safety; product liability and recalls; charity regulation; defence of enforcement actions.
 We understand the challenges involved in a new venture. With scarce time and resources the legals can often get overlooked, leading to issues or problems later as the business develops and grows. We welcome contacts from high-potential startups and entrepreneurs, particularly in sectors involving technology, digital business or consumer brands. Our door is always open for a chat over coffee or an informal meeting at our office. We can offer a tailored, fixed price package, with a practical emphasis so you can have the legal basics covered. Our goal is a long-term relationship and to contribute to your future success. Our services geared for startups include business formation and structure, shareholder agreements, website privacy policy, cookies policy and terms of use, standard terms of business, intellectual property and trade marks, data protection advice, employment contracts, and contractor agreements