Major study of intellectual property use by Irish business published

The Department of Jobs Enterprise and Innovation (DJEI) today announced the publication of a major study into the use of the intellectual property by Irish enterprises. The study which followed on from an earlier in-depth analysis of IP usage by Irish business has made several recommendations in respect of the various public bodies which have responsibility for enterprise policy development and delivery. The key recommendations call for the drafting of a National IP Statement and the appointment of a National IP Champion as well as various measures to strengthen supports and education in IP matters.

According to the consultants engaged by DJEI:

The creation of a national IP Statement and assignment of an IP Champion are key recommendations, and implementation will need to be driven by DJEI. Given the focus on IP as a platform for increased innovation and growth we would recommend DJEI be responsible for the establishment and implementation of the IP Statement. As part of the development of the IP Statement, further consideration of the remit, resourcing and hosting of the IP Champion function would be required. The IP Champion needs to be an experienced, high-calibre individual with the authority and political skill to drive change and will need to be supported with communications, tool development and operational activities. The IP Champion will have a key role in promoting IP management capability amongst the firm base in Ireland, and should work through appropriate agencies and offices of DJEI.

The launch of a national IP Statement and the creation of an IP Champion would improve visibility around IP and IP inter-service coordination immediately, and provide a focal point for IP information and tool development. This will in turn provide the platform for strengthening the IP commitment and capacity of key public sector actors in the innovation system in Ireland and will also provide the wherewithal for those actors to bake-in IP advice to their wider service offer.

Fred Logue represented the intellectual property law committee of the Law Society of Ireland on the expert IP advisory group which worked with the consultants and DJEI staff to produce the report.

The reports may be downloaded from here.

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