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    Serving brand and technology based industries

FP Logue Solicitors is an Irish law firm specialising in intellectual property law, information law and commercial law. Our services are designed to meet the needs of technology and brand based industries doing business in Ireland.


  • Fred is a highly motivated manager with excellent technical and business skills. Fred can manage an IP project from identifying valuable markets, through learning the relevant technologies and identifying impacting patents, to negotiating with potential licensees. Fred is personable, helpful and easy to team with on projects at any stage -- he is an excellent team player. Fred has a superior intellect and does not shy away from challenges. He learns new technologies in short time frames, expanding his expertise to cover new technology areas as required.
    Carl Bilicska, Corporate Counsel - Alcatel-Lucent
  • Fred's unique combined technical and legal expertise gives him a very detailed understanding of IT contracts in particular those relating to the area of Cloud Computing services. In recent contract negotiations his technical expertise proved very valuable in the legal contract negotiation process.
    Susan Kemp, IT Director - A&L Goodbody
  • I worked with Dr. Logue in the most twistingly complex, technically challenging and just plain bizarre IP case I've yet encountered in my career. Despite the enormous amount of documentation, witnesses, timespan and directions generated by this case, Fred could always immediately recall the detailed minutiae and legal implications of every aspect, which I found very reassuring when fretting about giving evidence. More importantly from an IT Expert perspective Fred completely understood the technology, architecture and procedural functionality of complicated computer processes and complex algorithms, with the ease and comfort as if I were talking to another IT Expert. His ability to comprehend and amalgamate complex IP law with complex IT processes make Fred an invaluable and quite unique asset to any team of Lawyers that is lucky enough to be able to use his services. I would wish that every Lawyer I worked with had this level of understanding, and hope to get the chance to work with him again one day.
    Darran Thomas, Expert Witness
  • Fred Logue has provided a solid and professional service to SendBuy Limited and has shown excellent working and practical knowledge of solutions in Intellectual Property. I would have no problems both using and recommending Fred's services again.
    George Nursey, Founder - SendBuy
  • The bottom line is that Dr Logue helped our company to realize hidden IP value, both nationally and internationally. The advice Dr. Logue provided to me personally on a commercial case was intrumental in fending off threats to our business. I can recommend Fred to you as both a valuable business consultant and as a sharp IP attorney•
    John Healy, Founder - KindCitizen
  • Fred is a clever guy with special skills and experience. His knowledge of intellectual property and the assocated opportunities is at a high level. It is great to have Fred on your team¡
    Paul Phelan, Research Management & Commercialisation Consultant
  • Got some great advise from Fred, met many solicitors when raising funds. When it comes to contracts & IP, he is the expert.
    Kevin Egan, Founder - Teamtraders
  • Fred acted on a legal capacity for our business in a general capacity and more specifically ensuring that we had our legal agreements intact for our global partners and more recently advising and providing legal expertise in relation to the restructuring of the business. The true testament to the extent of Fred's excellent ability in his legal capacity, is that for all of our Agent contracts which were from a diverse range of countries i.e., China, Japan, Germany, Spain etc., that while extensive from a legal perspective, the clients were very happy with them. This is a hard balance to find. Also, from a restructing point of view again Fred advised based on what was best for the business while ensuring that the legal elements were covered, ensuring again a positive outcome for the business. Fred's key qualities are his ability to combine the commercial and the legal to ensure the right outcome for the business while protecting the company from a legal perspective•
    Fiona Leigh, CEO - Unipupil
  • Fred is a very approachable, open-minded and professional individual. Fred has helped Adme, an innovative app for students, with IP management and general legal advice. Highly recommended.
    Sebastien Penot, Co-Founder - Adme
  • Fred is really excellent to deal with. He is smart, insightful and knowledgeable. He gets straight to the nub of the matter quickly and without any fuss. Nothing is too much trouble for him. He is a real beacon of integrity in what is sometimes a difficult and tricky business environment. He is the ideal person if you are just starting out or an established company looking to make the next leap forward. I highly recommend Fred.
    Eoin Barry, CEO - ARV Excellence Ltd
  • We used Fred to help us the transfer of IP and sale contracts during the sale of FoxWeave to CloudBees. Fred was great to work with on a personal level, and even better on a professional level. We were working to a tight timeframe and Fred helped make it all happen in that timeframe, while at the same time making sure everything was done properly. I know I'll be calling Fred again for sure!!
    Tom Fennelly, CEO - Foxweave
  • Delighted to recommend Fred. He gave expert guidance on international IP and trademark protection - invaluable guidance for our business. Quick, concise and understandable by us non legal folk. Won't hesitate in reaching out to him again.
    Ronan Kirby, Managing Director at Story Foundry
  • As someone who has extensive experience in systems engineering, I was most impressed; Fred has been a key member in establishing our value proposition at an early stage; If you have legitimate questions, needs and aspire to prompt feedback, I heartily recommend his professionalism.
    Jamie Counihan, Co-founder at SS Technologies Ltd